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Sparkle Cat Sitting

Ranked in the Top 3 Professional Cat Sitters of San Francisco

Sparkle Cat Sitting offers Cat Sitting services to the entire City of San Francisco and parts of Daly City.  All services include a 30-minute visit to your San Francisco neighborhood home.


Feeding, changing litter & area cleanup and interaction/play time with your cat(s).

Pet Updates !

You will be updated daily on your pets status via email with photos/video to enjoy while you are away. In the case of twice daily visits please expect your update upon the 2nd visit (one update daily).

Mail, Deliveries, Plants?

I also will collect your mail, take in deliveries/packages, take out trash, alternate home lighting to make it appear someone is home and water plants by request.

Please provide specific instructions.

The initial Consultation / key pickup visit is free.

 *Key return is free within Zone A (Green Zone).

Overnight stays are available within Zone A (Green Zone) area only.

 *Overnights are booked on a case-by-case basis depending on availability.

Rates & Service Area

Regular Service Rates as of May 1, 2023 are $40-$50 per sit/visit.
  • The Green Zone (Zone A) is $40 per visit.
  • The Yellow Zone (Zone B) is $45 per visit.
  • The Orange Zone (Zone C) is $50 per visit.
  • The Red Zone is No Service unfortunately.
Holiday Rates

A Holiday surcharge is added to the Regular Rate if service dates fall within or ON a Federal Holiday.

Holiday surcharges have two categories and rates:

A. Holiday Rate – $20 is added to any booking ON a Federal Holiday (holidays listings on separate tab)

B.         Holiday Shadow Rate – $10 is added to any booking for either the TWO DAYS PRIOR to a Monday Holiday OR the day BEFORE and AFTER a non-Monday holiday (ex – Christmas: December 25 is $20 Holiday Rate; December 23, 24 & 26 are $10 Shadow Rates).

Overnights Service Rate is $125/night

Overnight stays are $125/night and only within Zone AOvernight stays are booked on a case-by-case basis depending on availability.

Special Services are double the rate, but also, Double the visit time for your furry family

Special services involve 4 or more animals;  Due to the extra time required to give proper quality service, my Special Service rate is essentially double the Regular Rate. My time at the residence is also doubled (60 minutes).

San Francisco's Best Sitter for your Cats

Begin your journey into Sparkle Cat Sitting services by scheduling a complimentary, in-person Consultation. This is scheduled 7-14 days prior to the start of the initial booking. I specialize in the western San Francisco neighborhoods of Sunset, Richmond and Parkside (The “Avenue’s) but service other parts of Francisco as well. 

Your Pet is Family

Sparkle Cat Sitting is committed to the utmost quality, detail, and service of excellence to tend to your cat while you are away.

Other Animals

My services are not limited to Cat Sitting. While specializing primarily as a Cat Sitter, I have a wide variety of experience caring for small animals such as birds, rabbits and fish. Just let me know what you require and i’ll make sure your companions are well looked after. 

Serving West SF

I specialize in the neighborhoods of Sunset, Richmond & Parkside; however I Cat Sit all of the City of San Francisco during slower months. During heavy holiday months, this is not possible due to traffic and I serve the Zone’d area’s only. Get a Quote to find out more!

Appropriate Backups

You’re in safe hands with my wife and I, Bella acts as my backup in emergency situations so no client’s kitty goes without care.

Emergency Care

If your pet has urgent medical need like a serious injury, or a life-threatening illness, we have a great relationship with Veterinarians in the area.
See my Veterinarian list if you need care for your Kitties

Mail, Deliveries?

I will also collect your mail, take in deliveries/packages, take out trash, alternate home lighting to make it appear someone is home

24/7 Emergency Support
Quality Guaranteed
Mail & Package Monitoring
Simply Pawfect