Sparkle Cat Sitting offers Cat Sitting services to the entire City of San Francisco and parts of Daly City.

All services include a 30-minute visit to your San Francisco neighborhood home. 

Services include feeding, changing litter & area cleanup and interaction/play time with your cat(s).

You will be updated daily on your pets status via email with photos/video to enjoy while you are away.

In the case of twice daily visits please expect your update upon the 2nd visit (one update daily).

I also will collect your mail, take in deliveries/packages, take out trash, alternate home lighting to make it appear someone is home and water plants by request. Please provide specific instructions.

The initial Consultation / key pickup visit is free. Key return is free within Zone A (Green Zone).

--> 10% off ten or more visits! A minimum of two visits per booking is policy.

Overnight stays are available within Zone A (Green Zone) area only.

*Overnights are booked on a case-by-case basis depending on availability.

Cat Sitter Services:

​​Sparkle Cat Sitting

Sparkle Cat Sitting is Bonded & Insured through Pet Sitters International via Business Insurers Of The Carolinas (BIC).