Regular Services rates are $30-$40 per sit.

The Green Zone (Zone A) is $30 per visit. 
  The Orange Zone (Zone B) is $35 per visit.
     The Red Zone (Zone C) is $40 per visit. ​

 Holiday Rates:

A Holiday surcharge is added to the Regular Rate if service dates fall within or ON a Federal Holiday.
Holiday surcharges have two categories and rates:

A.         Holiday Rate - $10 is added to any booking ON a Federal Holiday (holidays listings on separate tab)

B.         Holiday Shadow Rate - $5 is added to any booking for either the TWO DAYS PRIOR to a Monday Holiday OR the day BEFORE and AFTER a non-Monday holiday (ex – Christmas: December 25 is $10 Holiday Rate; December 24 & 26 are $5 Shadow Rates).

 Overnight Service Rate is $125 per night.

 Overnight stays are $125/night and only within Zone A. Overnight stays are booked on a case-by-case basis depending on availability.

Special Services rates are $60 - $80 per sit.

Special services involve 4 or more animals. Because of the extra time required to give proper quality service, my Special Service rate is double the Regular Rate. My time at the residence is also double (60 minutes).

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Sparkle Cat Sitting San Francisco Rate Guide & Map:

​​Sparkle Cat Sitting