​​Sparkle Cat Sitting

Sparkle Cat Sitting Policies:

I. Consultation Visit – A Consultation visit is our initial Meet & Greet visit. It is done without charge. This meeting is also where the exchange of any physical keys occur. Any additional requests beyond the initial Consultation visit to travel to you to acquire keys will require client to get the keys to me OR incur a $20 pickup fee. Note: A lockbox on the property is a great workaround to this potential dilemma.

II. Minimum Number of Visits – A two (2) visit minimum is my policy per booking.

III. Frequency of visits – Minimum of every other day required. In order to have real-time knowledge of your pet’s status, daily bookings are preferred (once every 24 hours). Our pets are our family; leaving them alone or unsupervised for stretches of longer than 48 hours is non-negotiable and against my policy.

IV. Discounted Rates – I offer 10% off 10 (ten) or more visits per booking.

V. Cancelation Policy – If no initial Consultation visit has occurred, no cancelation fee will incur. If a Consultation visit has occurred and the scheduled sit has been canceled within 7 days or less, a $45 Cancelation Fee will apply. 

VI. Key Return– The client may opt for 5 choices regarding keys AFTER the sit is completed:
1- I will return the key, free of charge if your location is within Zone A (Green Zone) and another booking takes me near to your home (note – option may not be as time sensitive as you prefer).
2- Keep key securely on file with me for future bookings.
3- Arrange a method to leave key at residence upon completion of sit (example - lockbox).
4- Arrange a time to come pick up the key at my residence.
5- Incur a $20 Key Return Fee.

VII. Area Rates
Zone “A” (Green Zone) - $30 per visit.
Zone “B” (Orange Zone) - $35 per visit.
Zone “C” (Red Zone) - $40 per visit.

VIII. Holiday Rate Policy - A holiday surcharge is included if service dates fall within or ON a Federal Holiday date range. Holiday surcharges have two categories and rates:
Holiday Rate: $10 is added post-discount to any booking on a Federal Holiday.
Holiday Shadow Rate: $5 is added post-discount to any booking to the two days before a Monday Holiday OR the day before and after a non-Monday holiday (ex – Christmas: December 25 is $10, December 24 & 26 are $5 Shadow Rates).

IX. Rushed Bookings – A $25 “Rush Fee” may occur if the booking request is within 72 hours of the start date OR within 7 days of a Federal Holiday.

Note: Be awesome and book in advance!

X. Shared Sits - A booking will be refused if the duties are “shared” by anyone other than the Cat Sitter. This includes housemates, family members, house-sitters or friends. The miscommunication and disconnect associated with this type of arrangement has caused me to create this policy. In addition the liability of the extra party violates and voids my liability insurance.

XI. Payment – Payment is due in full on or before the first day of service. If total amount exceeds $500, I will accept 50% upon start date of sit and remaining 50% on final date of sit.

XII. Termination of Services - A gross negligence in regards to any of the policies above on the part of the Client gives me, the Cat Sitter the right to terminate future services with the Client.

XII. National Emergency/Act of God – In the event of an unprecedented localized or national emergency, I will do my best to continue to complete the booking. However, protocol and policy will dictate for you, the Client to get home as soon as possible as a fail-safe. Because of said emergency it is possible that I too, am compromised; unable to carry out my duties and in such a case all terms are null and void. This also encourages the necessity for an “Emergency Contact” listed on the New Client questioner and communication of an Emergency Plan.